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On being fooled

First of all, beware of being fooled. There is a real world out there, but your senses may deceive you. But you have now video, photography and advanced chemical sensors can augment and correct your natural senses, to compensate your limitations and confirm that really the world exists and has definite and objective properties.

If you think you cannot be fooled, read about human history and talk to people whose job is to take advantage of you: magicians, thieves and scammers. And even marketing professionals and prostitutes can teach you how easy can you be convinced to do business with them.

There are some hints that humans do have a natural tendency to feel better when they do the same as their neighbors. Look for studies about it. This may have something to do with the advantage that a tightly cohesive group has against their neighbors, that allowed them to survive and extend widely around the world.

So, any time you feel enthused or stoked by someone and you are part of a mass of more than 100 humans, beware. You must not do so against the well-being of the ones that are not part of your tribe. Is good to have a mission, but not if that brings you to the point of exerting violence against the enemies of your mission. People have been convinced by inspiring people to do great things that do not seem to be in their own advantage (like being strapped into a thing and flown into the air or thrown as far as the moon), but also to do terrible things that were into their own advantage (like invading other countries and killing their inhabitants).

It's not easy doing changing bad things in this way, but try to figure it out. If you achieve your mission through violence, you may be tempted to use violence again. It's not easy to confront violence without violence, but at least try to confront violence with less violence, so that it does not escalate but rather it defuses.

On god and religions

If you think there is just one right religion, travel around the world and talk to other people. Ask them about their beliefs and see them pray. They are all very convinced, but ¿what certainty they have about the existence of their gods? ¿Is that more convincing than your own evidence?

There may be a god, but it certainly is not human (by definition), does not seem human (that's projection) and does not speak human, not through thunder or light, not inside your head (that's one of your parts of the brain doing the imagining). If the world is its creation, it may not be meant to be kept that way. Look at what you changed of the world so that you can live in it, and that may not be how the world was made before you.

There may be a god, but do not make a god out of your own ignorance. If you read history, you will see that most of humans up to now made an act of god of everything that they did not know how it was possible: thunder, life, intelligence. We still do not know how many things work or are even possible, but if they keep on happening in the same way, they may investigated and may even know one day how they are originated and are possible. That does not mean that anything we do not know are an “act of god”.

There may be a god, but if it is not human, he doesn't need your gratefulness. Certainly, humans seem to be happier when they are grateful. But you can be grateful to your parents, that were the ones that gave you your life, your education and taught you how to speak. God did not do that, your parents did. You have the mission to be better than your parents, but bear in mind that does not mean the opposite than your parents, and that you will get farther if you learn from their successes and their failures. Especially failures, that are quite expensive. You are partly the master of your destiny, but bear in mind if you want to have a long destiny as a species, you must think ahead. Long ahead. Your mind is able to do it, use it for that. You may have discovered by now that the animals in the world do not last forever. Many of them disappeared when the conditions in the earth changed. Be careful that does not happen to you. That does not mean that everything must be kept as it was, change is inevitable. But extinction can also happen to you, so you may try to avoid it. Or maybe yield to another improved species, you have enough evidence that can happen.

On truth

Do no try to fool others. Try telling the truth as much as possible.

On sex and family

On violence

Do not kill each other. Under any circumstance.

Develop non-lethal weapons against the violent, but do not kill them.

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